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FleetIQ 360, LLC is a US company offering fleet communication and management systems produced with forklift fleets and drivers in mind.

FleetIQ 360, LLC is committed to producing innovative systems to improve fleet safety and productivity using state-of-the-art informational technology.

FleetIQ 360, LLC is headquartered in
Greer, South Carolina

Forklift and Lift Truck fleet management system
This is the most dangerous vehicle you own
  • Forklift accidents caused 97,600 injuries in the US last year

  • 35,000 of those injuries were serious, including 85 deaths.

  • Each year, more than 1 in 10 forklifts has an accident.

  • Insurance underwriters know this.

It might also be one of the most expensive
  • This one is idle.

  • It’s not working for you.

  • It’s costing you money.

  • Fixed costs of ownership are high and rising.

  • It could be an accident waiting to happen.

If you are responsible for your company’s forklift fleet management:

  • Where they are right now?

  • If they are safe to operate?

  • Who is operating each one?

  • What jobs each has completed and what job each one is working on right now?

  • Communicate immediately with any operator?

  • Automatically receive time and job performance reports?

  • Receive real-time notification of incidents?

  • Relax, knowing that you are in complete control of your fleet operations?

If you cannot answer YES to every one of these questions,
then we have some important news for you.

Announcing our new ForkliftiQ360 Lift Truck Communication System

A comprehensive fleet management system that provides you with efficient two-way communication with your forklift vehicles and operators.


It enables the fleet operations manager to interact with each truck and operator by relaying information directly to and from the vehicle control module.


It records information on vehicle use, activity and performance on each truck and reports it periodically to the fleet operations manager.


It enables fleet managers to track each truck’s operations round-the-clock, making it easier to identify opportunities for productivity improvement. Activity logs and summary reports can be provided.


It relays data constantly about each truck’s interactions with its environment. Any incidents can be immediately reported so that corrective action can be taken to minimize damage, insurance claims and the potential cost of litigation.

ForkliftiQ360 will provide greater safety and give you real-time command and control over your forklift operations, changing every one of your “NO” answers to a “YES!”

ForkliftiQ360 is not only for large truck fleets: it’s modular and flexible and can be configured economically for an operation with as few as one or two forklift trucks–a first in the industry.

What’s more, the online version is FREE.

The online version requires no hardware, only a digital app that will run on a smart phone or tablet, and it’s FREE. The online version will provide basic status and performance information and is suitable for a fleet of up to five trucks. For more information on the FREE online version, click here:

forklift fleet management and reporting
material handling management information system

More comprehensive versions of ForkliftiQ360 are integrated with your vehicles and provide real-time information automatically to a secure online database, from which customized reports can be produced. These versions may require some devices to be installed on your vehicles, and involve modest monthly subscription fees.

Each installation can be customized to meet the most important and urgent needs of your business. You choose the features you want and pay only for what you use. Our application specialists will explain the various options and help you put together the best configuration for your operation.

Contact us now to discuss your fleet management needs with one of our ForkliftiQ specialists.

Special Limited-Time Offer

We plan to launch the most comprehensive version of ForkliftiQ360 in November 2017. Meanwhile we will be working with a limited number of forklift equipment distributors, dealers and owners in the US to identify the most desired features and optimum configurations. We are now enrolling partners to install and use ForkliftiQ360 in their operations and provide us with pre-launch feedback. Our first-user partners will receive significant discounts on billable features for a limited time. Enrollment is limited. If you would like to partner with us in this exciting new development in forklift fleet management, click here to e-mail us or call now at 800-844-0072.

To learn more about the benefits a comprehensive ForkliftiQ360 system can provide to your materials handling operations, click here:
If you would like more details on how ForkliftiQ360 can help you improve the operational efficiency of your fleet, please fill out and submit the Contact Us form or call us at 800-844-0072 for a free consultation.
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