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FleetIQ 360, LLC is a US company offering fleet communication and management systems produced with forklift fleets and drivers in mind.

FleetIQ 360, LLC is committed to producing innovative systems to improve fleet safety and productivity using state-of-the-art informational technology.

FleetIQ 360, LLC is headquartered in
Greer, South Carolina

ForkliftiQ360 Forklift Management Solutions

Four Ways that ForkliftiQ360 Gives You More Control


ForkliftiQ360 enables the fleet operations manager to interact with each truck and operator by relaying information directly to and from the vehicle control module.


ForkliftiQ360 records information on vehicle use, activity and performance on each truck and reports it periodically to the fleet operations manager.


ForkliftiQ360 enables fleet managers to track each truck’s operations round-the-clock, making it easier to identify opportunities for productivity improvement. Activity logs and summary reports can be provided.


ForkliftiQ360 relays data constantly about each truck’s interactions with its environment. Any incidents can be immediately reported so that corrective action can be taken to minimize damage, insurance claims and the potential cost of litigation.

ForkliftiQ360 Management Solutions

Note: Availability of the ForkliftiQ360 features described here depends on the particular configuration installed at each location.

Some features are optional. Any features not included can be added at nominal monthly cost. (Some conditions apply)


Maintaining Exemplary Safety Standards

Safety is a top priority for organizations that use Material Handling Equipment. Compliance with industry and OSHA safety standards is essential.


Increasing Operator Productivity

Whenever performance is measured, it improves. Monitoring and measurement of operator activity with ForkliftiQ360 can result in significant increases in productivity.


Reporting Equipment Condition

ForkliftiQ360 requires forklift operators to perform a pre-shift check on equipment they intend to use, and to record the results. Pre-checks are mandated by OSHA, some state laws, by equipment manufacturers and by driver license requirements. This critical safety feature is the most effective deterrent to vehicle failure during lifting operations.


Reducing Costs Through Fleet Optimization

The sophisticated technology of ForkliftiQ360 enables organizations to collect real-time data on the Key Performance Indicators of your fleet operations. Data collection and reporting can be customized to support management oversight and decision-making.

The data can range from simple to complex, such as time worked by operators on particular days to details about hydraulic utilization over specific time slots.


Preventing and Reporting Impacts

Damage to property and vehicles results in excessive costs and lower productivity.

ForkliftiQ360 can help control these costs through its damage prevention and control features.


Monitoring Equipment Condition and Real-Time Reporting

Monitoring mandatory vehicle pre-checks and storing that data places responsibility on operators for verifying that the vehicles they intend to use are in compliant working condition. This reduces the risk of injury to people and damage to equipment, goods and property.

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