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FleetIQ 360, LLC is a US company offering fleet communication and management systems produced with forklift fleets and drivers in mind.

FleetIQ 360, LLC is committed to producing innovative systems to improve fleet safety and productivity using state-of-the-art informational technology.

FleetIQ 360, LLC is headquartered in
Greer, South Carolina

Maintaining Exemplary Safety Standards

License Monitoring

ForkliftiQ360 knows who is properly licensed and authorized to use your equipment. It manages and can control licenses and their use. You can easily add and remove licensed drivers from the system.

Matching Drivers with the right vehicles

ForkliftiQ360 provides access by authorized drivers to trucks using photographic review, PIN code log, or a swipe card. Operators are directed to start and operate only vehicles for which they are licensed and trained. This is an OSHA-compliant industry standard.

Crew Management

ForkliftiQ360 makes it easy to assign new, temporary or relocated drivers to their authorized vehicles from a single portal.

Speed Controls and Lift Limits

ForkliftiQ360 can be used to program vehicles for speed control, lift limits, and driver and supervisor alerts in different circumstances. These features have proven to be useful in reducing accidents, personal injuries and property damage.


If you would like more details on how ForkliftiQ360 can help you improve the operational efficiency of your fleet, please provide your contact information and click on the link below to e-mail us or call us at 800-844-0072 for a free consultation.
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Head Office: 301 West Poinsett Street Greer, SC 29650

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