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FleetIQ 360, LLC is a US company offering fleet communication and management systems produced with forklift fleets and drivers in mind.

FleetIQ 360, LLC is committed to producing innovative systems to improve fleet safety and productivity using state-of-the-art informational technology.

FleetIQ 360, LLC is headquartered in
Greer, South Carolina

Monitoring Equipment Condition
and Real-Time Reporting

Regular Maintenance

ForkliftiQ360 is connected to trucks in a way that allows for accurate logging and measurement of the truck’s operating hours. This enables routine servicing to be scheduled exactly when it is due.

ForkliftiQ360 can track scheduled services and provide reports to operations managers so that they are aware of which trucks are available. This enables better scheduling and vehicle utilization, and reduces the chances of vehicle breakdowns during shift operations.

With scheduled maintenance being performed as recommended by equipment manufacturers and regulations, servicing costs, work interruptions and downtime can be reduced.

Independent Wireless Communication

ForkliftiQ360 does not require installation of special communication equipment on site. Equipment installed on vehicles connects wirelessly to a secure local network for transmission of data to a server, independent of your service provider. This independent system is powerful enough to operate efficiently even if the signal strength is low.

In wireless dead areas, vehicles devices can store up to one month of data, and the system will continue to prompt for uploads until it succeeds.

Customized Reports

Using ForkliftiQ360 you can produce customized reports easily and quickly. All data is available to authorized users through a secure login using any web browser, tablet or smartphone.

Periodic summary reports can also be delivered to managers or administrative staff.

Accurate Real-Time Date Recording

Real-time recording and reporting of vehicle status and operator activity eliminates any ambiguity about what happened, when it happened, and who was involved. Management has more to rely on than verbal and written reports.

Functional Inspections

Forklift trucks must undergo regular functions mandated by OSHA, state laws and insurance riders. These inspections can be scheduled into ForkliftiQ360 so that every truck in the fleet will be in compliance.


If you would like more details on how ForkliftiQ360 can help you improve the operational efficiency of your fleet, please provide your contact information and click on the link below to e-mail us or call us at 800-844-0072 for a free consultation.
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