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FleetIQ 360, LLC is a US company offering fleet communication and management systems produced with forklift fleets and drivers in mind.

FleetIQ 360, LLC is committed to producing innovative systems to improve fleet safety and productivity using state-of-the-art informational technology.

FleetIQ 360, LLC is headquartered in
Greer, South Carolina

Reducing Costs Through Fleet Optimization

The data can range from simple to complex, such as time worked by operators on particular days to details about hydraulic utilization over specific time slots.
Better Equipment Utilization

Excessive vehicle idle time may be an indicator of process inefficiencies that impact business profitability. Tracking idle time can reveal recurring patterns such as trucks queuing up for loading, which may indicate a scheduling problem.

Easier Vehicle Allocation

ForkliftiQ360 provides managers with data to assist in the deployment of the most suitable vehicles for each job.


ForkliftiQ360 utilizes GPS and other technologies to monitor truck locations for a variety of purposes, including notifying drivers of hazardous conditions or special regulations in different loading areas.

Battery Charge Management

ForkliftiQ360 provides data on the charge status of each electric-powered vehicle.

The status of a battery’s charge is recorded when it is removed, when it is recharged, and when redeployed on a vehicle.

Battery charging and replacement can be scheduled to minimize vehicle down-time during working shifts.


If you would like more details on how ForkliftiQ360 can help you improve the operational efficiency of your fleet, please provide your contact information and click on the link below to e-mail us or call us at 800-844-0072 for a free consultation.
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